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Keloid Removal Dallas Texas

Successful Keloid Removal in Dallas Texas Is a Challenge for Many Patients If you are looking for a keloid doctor near me in Dallas, TX chances are good that this is not the first time you have found yourself wondering how to get rid of a keloid. Doctors aren’t quite sure why some people tend […]

Keloid Removal Daytona Florida

What Causes a Keloid Scar to Form? A scar is the body’s natural, biological wound repair mechanism. Cells called fibroblasts and myofibroblasts produce collagen that fills in the gaps where skin was damaged, replacing the normal tissue lost or severed with a fibrous growth that, in most cases, will soften in color and shrink over […]

Utilizing the SRT Keloid Treatment To Help Change Lives

The SRT Keloid Treatment helps to change lives. To show you just how effective SRT can be for keloids, we wanted to share the story of a patient who was successfully treated with the SRT-100. Tony Perkins, a teacher from St. Louis, came to Dr. Michael Jones after seeing a number of plastic surgeons for […]

Practical Dermatology – Solving the Keloid Conundrum

Achieving complete keloid scar removal is extremely difficult. The SRT-100 is the only FDA cleared treatment after keloid removal option on the market. Recently the machine was featured in an article on Practical Dermatology’s website. Read the full article here. Read more blogs and news here.

Educating Your Patients on Keloid Removal Success Rates

A keloid is a cutaneous mass that characteristically develops following a dermal injury. The keloid has beset dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for decades, in view of both its pathological evolution and therapeutic challenges. Classically described as an overgrowth of tissue that extends beyond the borders of the original wound, keloids differ from that of hypertrophic […]

Tony Perkins: A Keloid Treatment after Removal Success Story in the Making

Tony Perkins is a public school teacher in St. Louis. Mr. Perkins has suffered with keloids on his neck and torso for 15 years. Although keloids are benign growths, the weight of them has caused neck pain for Tony. He had undergone several surgeries previously and noticed that the keloids would return within a few […]

NBNA – SRT-100, Game Changer for Keloid Treatment

Dr. Michael H. Gold, a previously featured physician in our Physician Spotlight, has been featured in the Fall 2017 issue of National Black Nurses Association News.  Read the article here. SRT-100, Game Changer for Keloid Treatment Treating keloids is very frustrating, not only for the patient suffering from them, but also for the health care […]

Global Keloid Treatment Market to Reach US $4.4 Billion by 2027

The expected increase of keloid scar occurrences, the shift from Mohs surgery as well as developments in advanced cryosurgery and radiation therapy devices will bring about an increase in the demand for keloid treatment. Read more: Global Keloid Treatment Market to Reach US $4.4 Billion by 2027

The SRT-100™ is Revolutionizing Keloid Scar Treatment for Your Patients

Allow us to paint a scenario for you; a patient comes into your practice and seeks keloid treatment after removal. Imagine a process to reduce the chance of a recurrence of his or her scars following surgery without ever having to cut their skin, cause them pain, or touch more surgical tools. That solution you’re […]