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The SRT-100™ is Revolutionizing Keloid Scar Treatment for Your Patients

March 10, 2016

Allow us to paint a scenario for you; a patient comes into your practice and seeks keloid treatment after removal. Imagine a process to reduce the chance of a recurrence of his or her scars following surgery without ever having to cut their skin, cause them pain, or touch more surgical tools. That solution you’re envisioning is a piece of machinery called the SRT-100™, and it is now a reality. The SRT-100™ uses a low dose Superficial Radio Therapy to remove keloid tissue that causes keloid scarring from underneath your patients’ skin, which significantly reduces the likelihood of a keloid re-growing in the same spot and expunges the possibility of a keloid scar completely. Now imagine passing on this information to a potential patient plagued with keloids and the response it would elicit. Incredible. There are several other benefits to using the SRT-100™ for keloid removal in your practice such as:

    • A wide range of motion of the scissor arm, allowing you to oblige your patients whether they are supine or sitting.
    • An automatic warm-up feature that translates to time-efficient system setup and patient keloid treatment.
    • High-frequency inverter technology utilizing feedback sensors to maintain stable energy levels.
    • A compact and mobile design that allows you to store the system wherever it needs to be.
    • An automatic aluminum filter magazine system that eliminates the need for filter storage, potential inadvertent over-dosage or under-dosage, and manual procedures.
    • Unique contact shields that help prevent the transmission of bloodborne pathogens.

As a practitioner in the medical industry, there is a high chance that you entered the field to help others lead healthier lives, while also enriching their everyday experience by making them feel confident both physically and emotionally. The SRT-100™ will allow you to do just that within the realm of keloid removal. Contact Sensus Healthcare if you’re done with imagining a better way for keloid treatment after removal and want to make it a reality.