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Utilizing the SRT Keloid Treatment To Help Change Lives

June 26, 2018

The SRT Keloid Treatment helps to change lives. To show you just how effective SRT can be for keloids, we wanted to share the story of a patient who was successfully treated with the SRT-100. Tony Perkins, a teacher from St. Louis, came to Dr. Michael Jones after seeing a number of plastic surgeons for the surgical removal of his keloids.

Like many patients, Perkins thought surgery would be a cure for his keloids, but Dr. Jones was honest and open with him that this wasn’t the case. Keloids removed surgically often reoccur, and that’s what was happening in his case. In fact, when keloids recur after surgery, they often can be worse than the original keloid. The reason is that surgery triggers aggravate the same conditions that caused the keloid to form in the first place, leading to even more collagen synthesis and scar tissue formation.

After discussing all of this with Perkins and examining his keloids, Dr. Jones chose to incorporate the use of the Superficial Radio Therapy with the SRT-100 into his treatment program. “When they treat it with the radiation, it’s killing the cells in the keloid,” Perkins said.

“I believe it is taken care of this time,” Perkins said. “In recent years, I could tell maybe within a few months that it was coming back and, right now, I see no signs of it. Now when I look in the mirror, I see the old me.”

Many people think they have to live with keloids recurring time and time again, however, Superficial Radio Therapy is a highly effective keloid treatment and has a cure rate of 94 plus percent. This is especially good news for the nearly 18 million people whose ethnicity makes them genetically prone to keloids—including African Americans, Latinos, and Asians.

With a surgical procedure to remove the keloid, followed by fractional superficial radiation over a three-day period, we are reducing the recurrence rates of keloids to levels not seen before. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SRT-100 for Keloids? Contact us today.