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Report on Treating the Crow’s feet through Dermoelectroporation

Dr. James Fulton, vivant Skin Care , Miami Florida, USA


Preliminary Study

To evaluate the safety, tolerability and effectiveness of transdermal delivery of Oligopeptides serum for crow’s feet treatment purposes through Dermoelectroporation®.

Study Design

  • Delivered every week for a total of 4 treatments.
  • Oligopeptides (Vivant Skin Care) was delivered
  • Ultrapeel® Transderm® Ionto Meso System
  • Repeat ideally every week until desired result is achieved.


Materials and Methods


1. Oligopeptides serum
Reduces Lines & Generates New Collagen 2 Ultrapeel® Transderm Ionto Meso® system from Mattioli Engineering


  • Transdermal delivery of the cocktail through Dermoelectroporation® technology:
  • 2 Steps Procedure:
    b) Transdermal delivery of :
    Prepare solution using a 10cc syringe. Use one syringe concentrating on problematic areas like the cheeks and forehead at lateral brow line.
    Per 10cc syringe
    10cc Oligopeptides

Application of proper follow up at the end.

Results & Conclusions

  • Patients were treated with the following results: Patients drastically reduced inches in weeks.
  • Transdermal delivery is possible and safe with no contraindications reported.
  • All patients showed a good level of improvement and she was so happy with results.

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