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Report on Skin Aging reduction treatment through Dermoelectroporation

February 11, 2022

Dr. Gabriela Vasilescu, M.D.


Preliminary Study

To evaluate the safety, tolerability and effectiveness of transdermal delivery of an Hydrating cocktail for skin aging treatment through Dermoelectroporation®.

Study Design

  • 5 sessions in total.
  • 1 sitting every three weeks.
  • Hydrating cocktail delivered
  • Ultrapeel® Transderm® Meso System
  • Severe skin aging treated


Materials and Methods


  • (VTF), Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, DMAE and antioxidants
  • Ultrapeel® Transderm Meso® system from Mattioli Engineering


  • Transdermal delivery of the Hydrating cocktail through Dermoelectroporation® technology:
  • 5 sessions in total:
    1st session Microdermabrasion and VTF only.
    2nd to 5th performed in two phases:
    Phase 1: Microdermabrasion (MDA) and transdermal delivery of Hydrating substances (VTF), Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, DMAE and antioxidants (in the third and fourth session, perform Citric mandelic peeling after MDS and then VTF).
    Phase 2: Diode Laser 808 nm, treatment with con 10/12W rotating scanner
    1 sitting every 3 weeks alternated with one sitting for skin stimulating every 10 days (laser & laserpeel with green coloration indocyanine; preliminary MDA and VTF); Total time to treatment 1 hour or so.

Application of proper SPF at the end.

Results & Conclusions

  • 1 patient was treated with the following results:
    1 patient cleared in 1 session.
  • The subject was very happy about results
  • Transdermal delivery is possible and safe with no contraindications reported.
  • The patient showed a good level of improvement and she was so happy with results.