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SRT is Beneficial for Dermatology Practices & Patients More Than Ever!

SRT (Superficial Radiation Therapy) is a non-surgical treatment option for non-melanoma skin cancer patients. Patients 65 and older with comorbidities are deemed as bad surgical candidates and as a result, they are exploring non-surgical treatment options.

In a post COVID world, the standards for healthcare have changed.

  • More elderly patients with comorbidities are seeking non-surgical treatment options
  • Patients are concerned about infections now more than ever
  • With SRT there is rarely any wound care involved for patients 
  • SRT eliminates the need for close quarters for Mohs patients waiting for results

SRT Provides a Solution for Patients Hesitant to Go Under the Knife

As skin cancer rates continue to rise, patients will continue to seek out non-surgical treatment options. In tough economic times when aesthetic and elective procedures might be challenging, the treatment of skin cancer continues to grow.

Often, non melanoma skin cancer is treated with Mohs Surgery. This procedure requires a lot of time in the office. And, as the name implies, it is a surgical procedure. SRT has a success rate of over 98%, and the benefits don't end there:

  • With SRT, patients are in and out of the office
  • There is a much lower risk of bacterial and viral transmission
  • Patients do not need to be in the waiting room for extended periods of time
  • There is no cutting, bleeding, stitching, or wound care involved.

SRT is a Solution for Doctors Too

As a doctor, you may be searching for ways to adapt your practice to our post-COVID "normal". SRT provides a solution for your patients to feel comfortable getting the skin cancer treatment they so desperately need. As a result, you will be able to treat more patients by offering superficial radiation therapy.

If you are a doctor or patient interested in finding out more about Superficial Radiation Therapy, please contact us today!

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