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SRT-100™: Cure Your Patients with This Revolutionary Non-Surgical Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment

December 18, 2019

Each year, there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate and colon. Nearly four million people in the United States will be diagnosed with basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma this year, with an estimated 700,000 of those cases diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma treatment often requires invasive procedures that can damage healthy tissue, cause painful healing, result in a lengthy recovery and leave unsightly scarring that can take an emotional toll on patients.

But it doesn’t have to.

The Sensus Healthcare SRT-100™

Sensus HealthcareSquamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment | SRT-100™ | Physicians’s Superficial Radio Therapy with the SRT-100™ is the non-surgical choice in squamous cell carcinoma treatment options. It can also be used to remove keloid scarring. This treatment method is safe and effective, and involves no cutting, bleeding, or stitching. With the SRT-100™, there is no need for anesthesia, no risk of infection or scarring, and no need for reconstructive plastic surgery due to unsightly scarring after surgery.

Best of all, the SRT-100™ has cure rates comparable to those of surgical skin cancer treatment options.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment | SRT-100™ | PhysiciansSquamous cell carcinoma develops in the thin, flat squamous cells that make up the outer layer of the skin. The SRT-100™ delivers a precise, calibrated dose of Superficial Radio Therapy directly to the affected squamous cells, destroying the cancer cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Patients who undergo treatment with the SRT-100™ heal quickly, with no downtime or lifestyle restrictions following treatment.

The SRT-100™ is ideal for patients with health risks who want to reduce the chance of undergoing surgical treatment, or patients who wish to avoid the pain and scarring associated with surgery.

SRT-100™ for Physicians

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment | SRT-100™ | PhysiciansFor the physician, SRT-100™ offers many unique features including: broad range of motion; compact, mobile design, precise and accurate x-ray delivery; variable applicator sizes; and replaceable contact shields.

Sensus Healthcare’s SRT-100™ has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer and keloids. It is ideal for private dermatology and oncology practices, as well as hospitals and multi-locale healthcare providers.

It’s time to offer your patients a non-surgical, painless and effective squamous cell carcinoma treatment. Contact Sensus Healthcare today to learn more about the SRT-100™.

**Published on February 17, 2016. Updated on December 18, 2019.