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Sensus Cloud™ Cloud System for Sensus Lasers

Sensus Healthcare has recently partnered with Sensus Cloud™, a cloud-based asset-management, remote monitoring and diagnostic platform. Sensus Cloud™ is a cloud platform installed directly onto any Sensus laser to provide real-time information about the status of your system.

Sensus Cloud™ Cloud Features

The Sensus Cloud™ cloud system has several features to keep your systems at your practice on track. The platform boasts continuous remote monitoring to track the status of your system from any web browser or iOS device. Continuous backups ensure that valuable information is safely stored in the cloud, and allows providers with multiple locations or group practices can monitor remotely at all times. The Sensus Cloud™ system also allows providers to monitor any service issues without having to send an engineer to the field, such as calibration, monitoring voltage and temperature.

Each practice has customizable access to the Sensus Cloud™ data. You can use a single physician login, or allow multiple users to access data by simply downloading the app and signing on from a unique login. All data on Sensus Cloud™ adheres to HIPAA regulations and is safely stored. From the moment you switch the device on, everything is being monitored for compliance. These compliance reports can be tailored to each practice’s needs, such as tracing records, patient information, or switching information to Physicists Only or Service Only.

Sensus Cloud™ makes it easy to store patient information and manage assets. It can easily track your patient’s information, including prescriptions and visits. With Sensus Cloud™ in place, you will never have to worry about losing your patient data or experiencing prolonged downtimes.

Sensus Cloud Cloud System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sensus Cloud?

Sensus Cloud is cloud-based platform that is supported on the SRT-100 Vision, SRT-100+ and Sculptura. Our state-of-the-art asset management provides real time system diagnostics, remote monitoring patient data to Physicians from any web browser or any iOS device.

How is it beneficial for my practice?

Providers with multiple locations or group practices who require multiple SRT-100 Vision systems can monitor remotely 24/7. Easily track your patient’s prescriptions and visits.  Continuous backups to ensure valuable information is safely stored. As well as service issues without having to send an engineer to the field (calibration, monitor voltage and temp)

How and who can access Sensus Cloud data?

Each practice has a customizable access. Single Physician log in or multiple users can access data by downloading the app and signing into a unique log in. All data that is on Sensus Cloud adheres to HIPAA regulations.

What kind of reporting and data can I access?

From the moment you switch the device on, everything the device does is being monitored for compliance. Reports can be tailored to each practices’ needs such as Physicists Only or Service Only, track records and patient information.

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