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Sensus Healthcare Mentioned in SFBJ's Business of Medicine: 'It’s an exciting time for the life sciences in Florida'

One of the reasons why Florida is one of the leaders in clinical trial providers is because of the population of this state. The disease population, the elderly, but also healthy volunteers. Florida is No. 2 in the nation for clinical trial providers. Another area of expertise in the South Florida region is RNA technology that’s looking at disease areas like muscular dystrophy, which could be a real breakthrough therapy. There have been a lot of examples of recent growth spanning from research to commercialization. Just recently, we’ve seen FDA approvals from TherapeuticsMD, which is a leading women’s health company; Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, an orphan drug company; and Sensus Healthcare, which recently introduced a robotic radiation oncology system. These products and technology can be transformative.

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