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Report on Actinic Keratosis reduction treatment through Dermoelectroporation

Dr. Gabriela Vasilescu, M.D.

Vascular Surgery Specialist, Martelli clinic, via del Bersaglio, 7 – Florence, Italy


Through Dermoelectroporation, the one and most innovative method for transdermal delivery of water based active ingredients into the body without needles, very important results have been achieved when fighting skin imperfections, elder and actinic keratosis normally cancelled using surgery.All our experiences in treating Actinic keratosis thru Dermoelectroporation have been carried out through the dose of a microdermabrader (till medium Hyperemia) and Transdermal delivery of skin regeneration ingredients (Placentex Mastelli), amino acids, Hyaluronic acid normally injected by syringes, driven through Transderm endorsing Dermoelectroporation. Technology.

Actinic Keratosis Protocol

  • Pre Sterilised crystals Microdermabrasion on the targeted area until a medium Hyperemia is reached
  • Transdermal delivery of 1 vial of Placentex not diluted, 2 cc of amino acids, 2 cc Hyaluronic Acid
  • 808 nm diode Laser for Photo Thermal lysis
  • 1 session every 15 days for a total of 4 sessions

Results & Conclusions

  • 1patient was treated with the following results:
    • 1 patient cleared in 1 session
    • The subject was very happy about results
    • Transdermal delivery is possible and safe with no contraindications reported
    • The patient showed a good level of improvement and she was so happy with results
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