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SRT & Keloid Treatment: Tony Perkins Interview

July 23, 2019

We had the pleasure of inviting patient advocate Tony Perkins to the Sensus Headquarters to tell his story of how utilizing superficial radiation therapy (SRT) as his post-operative keloid treatment help changed his life.

Throughout Tony’s lifetime, he received several surgical treatments – none of which seemed to stop the continuous growth of his facial keloids. Working as a High School teacher in St Louis, he suffered from the painful and unsightly scarring for years, with no idea that there was a treatment out there!

It was then suggested by a physician that Tony try superficial radiation therapy (SRT) treatments after the surgical removal of his keloids. SRT killed the keloid cells at their source, so that they don’t have the opportunity for further growth. After a couple radiation treatments, the size of Tony’s keloids significantly decreased. Not only did this build confidence for Tony but it also opened his eyes to the great benefits of superficial radiation therapy (SRT) for not only himself but for also anyone suffering from keloids!

SRT offers a keloid treatment with a phenomenal success rate. It makes the unsightly scarring caused by keloids a thing of the past, which is something many people have spent their lifetime trying to achieve. It is estimated that nearly 18 thousand people are living with keloids and many don’t even know that removal is an option.

The reality is that keloid treatment is available.

Hear more about Tony’s story amazing story below:

Keloid Treatment
Tony Perkins before and after SRT treatment