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SRT-100™: A Painless, Non-Invasive, Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment Right in Your Office

When your patients come to you with basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer, does the common and less-than- ideal solution of surgical non-melanoma skin cancer treatment often intimidate them? What if you could tell them surgery was not necessary? What if there was another option?

The good news is, there is another option with the state-of-the-art SRT-100™. Treatment with the SRT-100™ consists of a precise, calibrated dose of Superficial Radiation Therapy that only goes skin deep. This low dose of radiation effectively destroys the basal and squamous cell carcinomas while preserving the healthy tissue. The SRT-100™ delivers a 95 percent plus cure rate for non-melanoma skin cancer. With no cutting, no pain, no scarring, and no downtime, the radiation safely destroys the skin cancer cells without the burdens of a surgical procedure.

For patients with medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiac disease, surgical non-melanoma skin cancer treatment can be a serious health risk. Leading radiation oncologists and dermatologists have found the SRT-100™ to be the best solution. Treatment with the SRT-100™ does not require anesthesia, cause infection or scarring, or result in a need for reconstructive plastic surgery. Treatment can be performed right in your office. The SRT-100™ high-frequency inverter technology delivers a controlled and precise dose of Superficial Radiation Therapy by utilizing feedback sensing to maintain stable kV-mA energy levels. This makes it especially well suited for skin cancers located on the head and neck, where nearly 80 percent of all skin cancer occurs. Give your patients the non-invasive alternative to surgical treatment they deserve with the SRT-100™.

Whether you are a Mohs surgeon, a radiation oncologist, or a dermatologist, you can enhance your patient care with the SRT-100™. Contact Sensus Healthcare today for more information on the revolutionary SRT-100™ for non-melanoma skin cancer treatment.

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