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Keloid Removal Near Me

April 21, 2021

Keloids are a fairly common condition in the United States for people below the age of 30. Keloid scarring is often cosmetically unappealing, and most people with keloid scarring are in a situation where they are searching “keloid removal near me.” 

Because keloids often form in areas where the skin has experienced previous trauma of some kind, surgical removal is oftentimes unsuccessful. While surgical removal does solve the problem temporarily, there is a decent likelihood that the keloids will reform over the sites of the surgical incisions. This is why, when people search “keloid removal near me,” they should be aware that there is another technology available that, when paired with the surgeon’s process, can extend the short-term benefits of surgical removal into a permanent solution for keloids. 

Find Keloid Removal Near Me with SRT

Superficial Radio Therapy technology, or SRT for short, is a non-invasive treatment option for a variety of skin problems. SRT uses a hyper-focused beam of radiation that does not penetrate past the skin. SRT is FDA approved for, and is most often used in, treating non-melanoma skin cancer and keloids. When SRT is used for treating keloids, it is used in a post-surgical technique which applies the technology to the area where the keloid was removed in order to treat keloids from re-forming over that area.

The SRT-100 Vision

One of the most advanced SRT machines, the SRT-100 Vision from Sensus Healthcare has garnered an impressive cure rate of 94% for treatment after keloid removal. The SRT-100 Vision also offers the added benefit of coming equipped with a high-frequency ultra-sound guidance system which allows providers to view the treatment area while in the process of treating it. This means that the provider can be more accurate in assessing keloid tissue and target it more precisely.

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