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Hoya ConBio Medlite IV

August 28, 2023


The MedLite IV Q-switched laser utilizes the latest in multi-wavelength, articulated-arm-delivered laser technology. Representing the next generation of Q-switched technology, the MedLite uses an electro-optic (EO) high-speed shutter to produce nanosecond pulse widths. Peak energy is dispersed throughout the epidermis faster than the relaxation time of the healthy tissue. The result is a PhotoAcoustic Therapy effect, a safe, effective way to deliver energy precisely where it is needed.

MultiLite Dye Laser Handpieces for Four Wavelengths
The HOYA ConBio MultiLite Dye Laser Handpieces are dye-impregnated polymer rods convert the 532 nm wavelength to either 585 nm or 650 nm, providing a total of four wavelengths and significantly expanding treatment options for patients. Ask for availability.

Nd:YAG Crystal
The backbone of the MedLite laser series is the Nd:YAG crystal, a solid-state material used for years in scientific and medical communities. The HOYA ConBio MedLite lasers have the added benefit of being EO Q-switched, the next generation of Q-switching that produces high-speed repetition pulse durations.

EO Q-switched
By storing energy between pulses, an EO Q-switched laser is able to deliver a more effective pulse output than traditional lasers. The EO (electro-optic) Q-switch acts as an efficient high-speed shutter, delivering nanosecond pulse durations. This technology allows the MedLite to produce peak power of over 200 megawatts with a 5 to 20 nanosecond pulse width. The result? A high power laser that delivers aesthetic solutions with a PhotoAcoustic effect.

Flat-Top Beam Profile
The MedLite beam profile is a flat-top, smooth, evenly-calibrated beam without uneven spikes of energy typical in other lasers. As a result, the energy is delivered in extremely even pulse widths, targeting the chromophore with accuracy and efficiency, minimizing any damage to the epidermis.


Hair Removal: All Skin Types
Vascular: Vascular Lesions
Pigmentation: Tattoos of All Colors; Pigmented Lesions; Dermal Lesions; Nevus of Ota
Skin Rejuvenation: Wrinkles; Acne Scars; Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing