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Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Treatment in Fort Myers Florida

November 1, 2020

What Causes Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer?

The Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment
The Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment – Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Treatment in Fort Myers Florida

There are so many great reasons to call Fort Myers, Florida home. There’s the weather, the water, the dining, the shops, and all those sunny days that just beg to be enjoyed. But with all that Florida sunshine can come a serious drawback: exposure to ultraviolet light, the invisible but most dangerous portion of the sunlight spectrum, is the leading cause of skin cancer in Fort Myers as it is around the globe. With too much exposure, UV light damages the very DNA of skin cells and can cause the development of skin cancer later on in life (or even not so late in life if you are in the sun without sunblock and clothing that covers you). The genes you inherited might make you a bit more susceptible to skin cancer, and having pale skin certainly does increase the risk of skin cancer, but the primary cause of basal cell skin cancer is simply too much exposure to UV light.

How Serious Is Basal Cell Skin Cancer?

Basal cell skin cancer patients in Fort Myers have cause for concern, but not cause for panic: this is the most common form of skin cancer, and along with the slightly more aggressive squamous cell carcinoma, these two non-melanoma skin cancers have an almost 100% survival rate when the help pf skin cancer specialists is sought early on after the cancer is identified. Whereas melanoma skin cancer, of which there are several types, accounts for more than 75% of skin cancer deaths though it constitutes just 5% of cases, non-melanoma skin cancer can be cured and in most cases without any other lasting health effects on the person.

Is Basal Cell Skin Cancer Treatable?

Yes, basal cell carcinoma (BCC) skin cancer can be treated, and not just treated, in fact, but cured. With prompt treatment from a skin cancer dermatologist, there need be no talk of five-year survival rates or 10-year survival rates or anything like that: your BCC skin cancer can be removed completely and without metastasizing and affecting any other parts of the body.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Pictures

Photos of skin cancer symptoms will show you a range of ways non-melanoma skin cancer presents itself, including flaky yellow patches of skin, shiny raised bumps that are pinkish or reddish, sores that fester continually, irregular moles, and in several other ways as well. Because skin cancer shows up in so many different ways, looking at images of skin cancer might lead you to the false conclusion that what you see on your own skin is not skin cancer. Don’t leave your diagnosis up to comparing your skin to pictures of skin cancer online; if you have any concerns, get to a Fort Myers dermatologist with skin cancer experience immediately.

The Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment in For Myers, FL

The Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment
The Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment – Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Treatment in Fort Myers Florida

There are many options for skin cancer treatment in Fort Myers, Florida. Some doctors will recommend excision surgery where the carcinoma is simply cut away and the patient later screened for any return growth. Others rely on Mohs surgery, a multi-step surgical procedure involving real-time testing of excised tissue to ensure all cancer is caught at once. Other doctors may recommend cryosurgery for skin cancer treatments or less aggressive approaches like topical medications.

Many skin cancer specialists in Fort Myers these days turn to the FDA cleared Sensus Healthcare SRT-100, a device used for Superficial Radio Therapy (SRT) for skin cancer treatment. SRT is as noninvasive a skin cancer treatment as possible, with the patient experiencing so little pain that medications and anesthetics are not even used during treatment. SRT can achieve a 98% cure rate for skin cancer with the first round of treatments.

Fort Myers Skin Cancer Specialists Trust SRT Treatment

SRT noninvasive skin cancer treatment in Fort Myers Florida is one of the best skin cancer treatments for many reasons, with the facts that it’s pain-free and highly effective of particular note. But also important to know about Superficial Radio Therapy for skin cancer treatment is the fact that this intervention does not cause any other ill health effects for the patient. Unlike with radiation used to treat cancerous tumors inside the body, Superficial Radio Therapy does not have any other ill effects on the body. It will not lead to later health complications and it will not affect the skin tissue around the treatment site in the short term. Talk to your Fort Myers skin cancer team about SRT as part of your potential skin cancer treatment.