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Avoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal Scar with SRT

August 25, 2021

If you’ve been diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), you are not alone. BCC is the most common form of skin cancer, with an estimated 3.6 million cases diagnosed every year in the U.S. alone. There are several treatment options for BCC, including several surgical options that come with risks of pain and scarring. However, if you want to avoid a Basal Cell Carcinoma removal scar, another option is Superficial Radio Therapy (SRT). Keep reading to learn why SRT could be an excellent treatment option for you.

Benefits of SRT

If you are seeking a non-surgical option to treat your BCC, we highly recommend SRT. With a cure rate of 98.9%, SRT delivers optimum results. Sensus Healthcare’s SRT-100™ delivers a precise, calibrated dose of Superficial Radio Therapy that only penetrates five millimeters below the skin’s surface, effectively destroying cancer cells without cutting, stitching, bleeding, or scarring. Plus, the treatment is virtually painless and performed right in the doctor’s office! Not only will patients avoid an unsightly Basal Cell Carcinoma removal scar, but there is also no downtime or lifestyle restrictions following the procedure!

Safer than Alternatives

Older patients who have comorbidities or are on certain medications might not be good candidates for surgery. When diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer like Basal Cell Carcinoma, SRT is absolutely the safest treatment option for these patients. The SRT-100™, SRT-100+™, and SRT-100 Vision™ effectively destroy basal cell cancer without the risk that comes with going under anesthesia. Additionally, by avoiding surgery in the first place, SRT patients will also avoid the costs of reconstructive plastic surgery associated with other treatment options!

If you are interested in Superficial Radio Therapy to avoid a Basal Cell Carcinoma removal scar and other costs associated with surgery, ask your doctor about SRT, or find a treatment location near you using the SRT locator tool on our website.