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Your Patients Now Have Access to Alternative Skin Cancer Treatments: The SRT-100™ Squashes Skin Cancer

April 15, 2016

We are willing to bet that as a physician, telling a patient they have been diagnosed with skin cancer can be one of the hardest pieces of information to deliver. What if we told you that three simple letters and a number could soften that blow tremendously? The SRT-100 is that solution. This state of the art piece of machinery uses a non-invasive process to rid your patients of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, providing them with one of the most effective alternative skin cancer treatments. The machine bolsters a 95% cure rate for non-melanoma skin cancer.

The SRT-100 has eliminated the use of scalpels, knives and cutting altogether. How is this achievable? The answer is a low dose of Superficial Radio Therapy that only penetrates skin deep. How exciting of a prospect is it to know that surgeons no longer have to cause your patients to pain by cutting them? Or how about the fact that your patients will no longer have to spend more of their money to get cosmetic surgery to remove scars left behind by the surgery? These possibilities excite us and they ought to excite you as well.

Alternative skin cancer treatments with this technology can be performed in your office. The amount of treatments required depends on the severity of cancer. Not only is the SRT-100 non-invasive and convenient, but the unique design of the technology also facilitates treatment in delicate or hard-to-reach areas. The horizontal and vertical range of the arm on the machine can accommodate sitting or standing patients, and reach virtually any part of the body including the head and neck where the majority of skin cancers occur.

The SRT-100 is the first of its kind, a modern piece of technology that is an industry leader for alternative skin cancer treatments. Contact Sensus Healthcare if you want to enrich your patients’ lives and provide them not only with alternative skin cancer treatments but also give them hope.