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Zoom Meeting Recording: Skin Cancer Awareness Month & Treatment During COVID-19

April 24, 2020

Thank you to all of those who attended our second Zoom meeting discussing Skin Cancer Awareness month and treating patients during COVID-19. Our CEO, founder, and chairman Joe Sardano was joined by Dr. Ellen Turner, MD of Dermatology of Dallas and Dr. Kristine Romine, MD, FAAD, PCEO of Camelback Dermatology and Skin Surgery.

The topics that were discussed during the meeting included:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted treatment and doctor/patient relations
  • The decline in skin cancer inquiries while the public focuses on COVID
  • Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Bringing focus back to skin cancer for a wary public
  • The ability to still treat patients with SRT during this time
  • Aesthetic/Elective surgeries vs skin cancer treatment
  • Telehealth for skin cancer checks
  • COVID-19 changing the way certain things are done within the practice & moving forward