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What Your Patients Should Know About Childhood Skin Cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, a campaign to spotlight the types of cancer that largely affect children, draw attention to survivorship issues and raise funds for research and family support. In the US, more than 15,000 children aged younger than 21 years are diagnosed with cancer every year. Of those, the National Cancer Institute […]

Top Reasons to Visit Sensus Healthcare at ASTRO

ASTRO’s Annual Meeting is the premier radiation oncology scientific event in the world and draws more than 11,000 attendees each year. This scientific program is the ideal platform to bring together physicians, scientists and researchers from all oncology disciplines to exchange ideas, promote multidisciplinary care and address the educational and professional development interests of attendees. […]

What You Should Know About Your Family’s History of Skin Cancer

Do you know your family’s history of skin cancer? If one or more of your parents, siblings, or children develop skin cancer, you have a higher risk of developing skin cancer than a person with no family history of the disease. In fact, according to Sun & Skin News, a Skin Cancer Foundation publication, about […]

Making Sense of the Link Between Skin Color and Skin Cancer

While those with lighter skin tones are generally the most at risk for skin cancer, anyone with any skin color can get skin cancer. Unfortunately, many patients are under the impression that those with darker skin are not at risk for skin cancer. “People who have darker skin tones often believe that they’re not at […]

People Magazine – 42-Year-Old Woman Has Survived 86 Skin Cancer Surgeries

Lisa Pace has had 86 skin cancer surgeries and she’s only 42 years old. She was in her 20s when she discovered she had skin cancer after years of using tanning beds. In her interview with People Magazine, she discusses the importance of sun-protection and the dangers of tanning beds. She adds: “I want people to realize that it can […]

 Skin Cancer and SRT – Jeff Goldstein Interview

All transplant patients have a greater chance of developing skin cancer compared to the general population. In fact, research shows that transplant recipients have up to a 100 times higher risk for developing skin cancer compared to the general population. Transplant patients tend to develop a skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) although many […]

How to Perform a Skin Cancer Self-Exam

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, adults should thoroughly examine their skin on a monthly basis for signs of skin cancer, as well as visit a dermatologist for an annual professional skin exam. If you’ve never conducted a skin cancer self-exam before, now is the best time to start. Here are some tips to help […]