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Resurgence of cutaneous radiation therapy for skin cancer: Healio Interview with Dr. Clay Cockerell

March 21, 2017

This video is part of Healio’s video perspective series from the 2017 AAD Annual Meeting conference and has been published with the headline, “Resurgence of cutaneous radiation therapy for skin cancer.”

During the two-minute video, Dr. Cockerell discusses the resurgence of radiation therapy largely due to new technology developed by Sensus Healthcare which ultimately provides physicians like himself with more options to better treat their patients. Dr. Cockerell also discusses how the treatment is ideal for patients who are not good surgical candidates, who are older, who are fatigued from a large number of surgeries, or who have NMSC on areas like the tip of their noses or eyelids. Towards the end of the interview, Dr. Cockerell describes the treatment as extremely safe, producing excellent cosmetic results for patients, and generating a lot of excitement in the dermatology and oncology fields.

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