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Keloid Scar Removal Near Me: What is It?

January 10, 2022

Keloids are a mystery for most people. The average person doesn’t know what they are and why they exist. It’s estimated that 10% of people have at least one keloid.

Some keloids are small and unnoticeable. Others are large and obvious in places other people can see them. If you are wondering “where can I find keloid scar removal near me?”, it’s best to first explore what they are.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about keloids and your options for getting them removed.

What is a Keloid?

A keloid scar is a type of growth most people get after trauma. This can be caused by an injury, surgery, or even acne that scars the skin instead of healing it.

Keloids are very similar to hypertrophic scars in how they form and look on the body. They’re also alike in their potential for causing pain, itchiness, and other symptoms you don’t want at work or when spending time with friends and family outside your home.

How are Keloids Different from Normal Scars?

So, what’s different about keloids? Doctors define keloids as overgrowths because they tend to grow larger than normal scars do, generally speaking.

Another difference between keloids and regular surgical incisions is keloid development happens more often when there’s no underlying cause for the initial injury. This means you can’t necessarily treat keloids from forming after an accident or surgery.

Keloid growth is also sporadic. You may not have any keloids form at all after a traumatic experience. But if you do get keloids, they’re likely to keep growing larger and redder over time.

Keloid Removal Near Me: What Are My Options?

Now that we know what keloids are and how they differ from hypertrophic scars, let’s explore your removal options.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to keloid scar treatment because each case is unique. Your doctor will help you decide on the best keloid removal plan.

The following are some of the most common keloid removal treatments:

  • Steroid injections: This is a popular keloid scar treatment because it’s relatively simple and often effective. A doctor will inject steroids directly into the keloids to help shrink them down in size.
  • Cryotherapy: This procedure uses cold temperatures to freeze off the keloids. It tends to be less painful than other treatments, but it may not be as effective overall.
  • Surgical excision: In this procedure, a surgeon removes the keloids surgically. This is considered a more aggressive option and can cause damage to healthy tissue around the keloid as well.

Once your keloid removal surgery is complete, Superficial Radio Therapy with the SRT-100 is a highly effective treatment to help reduce the re-occurrence of the keloid.

It’s one of the most effective keloid treatment options available to people who want to the chance to live without keloids.

Inquire About Our Keloid Treatment Options with the SRT-100

Are you interested in removing a keloid for good? If so, we would love to speak with you. Contact us today so you can learn about keloid scar removal near you.

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