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Syneron eMax Laser System

The Syneron eMax Laser System Specifications: Exclusive elōs technology Details Powered by Syneron’s exclusive elōs technology, which combines bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy, the Syneron eMax system is one of the most versatile cosmetic lasers on the market. It can handle just about any aesthetic application, and it can do it with remarkable speed […]

Hoya ConBio Medlite C5 & C6

Hoya ConBio Medlite C5 & C6 Hoya ConBio Medlite C5 & C6 Specifications Details A MedLite® C6 laser is a safe, premium-engineered, easy-to-use aesthetic laser designed for versatility and effectiveness in a wide variety of applications. HOYA ConBio® has made continual improvements to the MedLite® laser since its introduction in 1992, increasing its power output, […]