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The Dermatology Digest – Superficial Radio Therapy Clinical Benefits and Studies

Not all treatment modalities for non-melanoma skin cancer are the same. In Part 2 of this video series, Dr. Mark Nestor discusses studies that demonstrate the clinical benefits of SRT, including cure rate, cosmesis, and consensus guidelines. About This Series In this 3-part educational series, Dr. Mark Nestor reviews the core concepts and treatment modalities […]

Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Erasing Cancers

05/14/2019 Mike Masterson, a correspondent for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, wrote an article in 2019 detailing how the SRT-100 machine was an integral part of curing his non-melanoma skin cancer. Since his successful treatment he has been an advocate for any Arkansas dermatologists to adopt SRT as a part of their non-melanoma skin cancer treatment […]

South Beach Symposium CEO interview

Dr. Mark Nestor, MD,  Medical Director & President of South Beach Symposium and President of the American Cutaneous Oncology Society (ACOS), recently interviewed Sensus Healthcare’s CEO, Joe Sardano. The interview occurred last week as a virtual lead-in to February’s Symposium.  In it, Mr. Sardano discusses the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer patients with SRT during […]

Keloid Treatment Video with Dr. Sandra Lee from TLC’s Dr. Pimple Popper

Keloid Treatment Provided by Dr. Pimple Popper using SRT “Our patients treated with the SRT-100 are typically very pleased with the entire experience. Our physicians enjoy using the device, it provides a pleasant change of pace to their routine workload and the patient satisfaction is high. It’s great to have a non-surgical option for my […]

TLC’s Dr. Pimple Popper Treats Keloids with SRT

Dr. Sandra Lee a.k.a Dr. Pimple Popper treats keloids with Sensus Healthcare’s SRT-100™. Thank you, Dr. Lee, for showing what amazing capabilities superficial radiation therapy can have when used on keloids directly after surgical removal! Here are some before and afters of the patient treated by Dr. Sandra Lee. If you did not catch Sensus’ […]

Dr. Pimple Popper from TLC utilizes SRT

Tune in to TLC on Thursday, July 11th at 9 est / 8 central to see Dr. Sandra Lee, otherwise known as “Dr. Pimple Popper” utilize Sensus Healthcare’s Superficial Radio Therapy (SRT) to treat one of her patients after keloid removal! Superficial Radio Therapy is giving countless keloid sufferers new hope and new confidence. The […]

NBC 9News Features Sensus Healthcare’s SRT

05/10/2019 Watch as Dr. Kevin Schewe, radiation oncologist and medical director at Alliance Cancer Care Colorado, speaks about Sensus Healthcare’s SRT and the amazing effects it has on treating non-melanoma skin cancer. “There are 5.4 million new basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers per year in the United States, developing in 3.3 million people”, […]

WFN1 News – Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Turner on CEO Money

In this week’s CEO Money segment Michael Yorba sits down with Dallas dermatologist, Dr. Ellen Turner to learn about skin cancer, and why her practice is using Superficial Radio Therapy (SRT) — a new, non-surgical skin cancer treatment option that has a remarkable cure rate. Read the full article and listen to the interview here.

Fox News – The Best Sunscreens, According to a Top Dermatologist

Sunscreen is meant for the purpose of protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays that cause can sunburn and skin cancer. What you may not realize is that no two sunscreens are entirely alike. Lindsey Carlton from Fox News and dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe break down the best sunscreens currently on the market and […]

Dr. Kevin Schewe, M.D. Discusses SRT

Dr. Kevin Schewe, M.D. discusses the early signs and symptoms of skin cancer plus the revolutionary treatment of SRT. View the full interview with here.