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Patients Benefit from Non-Surgical SRT

If you’ve been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma, you now have a new, non-surgical option for treatment. Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) with the SRT-100™ delivers a precise, calibrated dose of SRT that only goes skin deep. This low-dose of Superficial Radiation Therapy safely destroys non-melanoma skin […]
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Physicians Prefer SRT Therapy for Treatment of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer and Keloid Scars

Eighteen million people are affected by unsightly and sometimes painful keloid scars, and many of them go through life believing treatment for this embarrassing condition is next to impossible, if possible at all. You can help restore your patient’s confidence and self-esteem by offering keloid treatment with Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT therapy) following surgical removal. […]
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SRT-100™: A Painless, Non-Invasive, Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment Right in Your Office

Whether you are a radiation oncologist or a dermatologist, you can enhance your patient care with the SRT-100™ non-melanoma skin cancer treatment.
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SRT-100™: A Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment Your Body Can Handle, but Cancer Cannot

Skin cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the world. Experts predict the number of people diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer will grow to nearly six million by the year 2020. With the epidemic of basal and squamous cell skin cancer diagnosis follows the common and less than ideal solution of surgical non-melanoma skin cancer […]
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Ask Your Doctor About the SRT-100™ to Treat Your Basal Cell Carcinoma

Have you been diagnosed with skin cancer? You are not alone. Skin cancer is one of the most commonly occurring forms of cancer, with more than one in every three new cancers diagnosed as skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma is one type of skin cancer and occurs more frequently than any other form of skin […]
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Treat Your Patients' Basal Cell Carcinoma with the Revolutionary SRT-100™

Any dermatologist knows just how devastating a skin cancer diagnosis can be to his or her patients. Skin cancer is diagnosed nearly three times as often as any other form of cancer, with the most common of all skin cancers being basal cell carcinoma. While patients facing basal cell carcinoma have multiple choices available for […]
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The SRT-100™ Beats The Keloid Scar

A quick question for you--what do you tell your patients when they come into your office and inform you that they have a keloid scar they want to get rid of? Do you offer a surgical solution that will result in them going under the knife and being stitched up? If your patient is aichmophobic, […]
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SRT - The Best Keloid Scar Treatment!

SRT is the best keloid scar treatment on the market. Keloids form after the skin has been injured and the growth of fibrous tissue, more commonly known as scar tissue, begins to grow excessively. These unsightly, smooth, yet hard colonies of scar tissue are found mostly on the shoulders, cheeks, earlobes, and chest but can […]
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