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Educating Your Patients on Keloid Removal Success Rates

A keloid is a cutaneous mass that characteristically develops following a dermal injury. The keloid has beset dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for decades, in view of both its pathological evolution and therapeutic challenges. Classically described as an overgrowth of tissue that extends beyond the borders of the original wound, keloids differ from that of hypertrophic […]
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Skin Cancer and SRT - Jeff Goldstein Interview

Jeff Goldstein is a double lung transplant recipient and a multiple skin cancer survivor. Transplant recipients are immune compromised and has a pre-disposition to skin cancer. As a Floridian, Jeff spent a lot of time out in the Miami sun without sunscreen. Due to the sun exposure leading to skin cancer, Jeff has undergone over […]
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Physician Spotlight - March 2018

Daniel J. Ladd, Jr., DO is the Medical Director and Founder of Tru-Skin Dermatology in Austin, Texas and the 2018 President-Elect of the AOCD. He earned his BA from the University of Texas at Austin and received his medical degree from Des Moines University in 1999. He completed his Dermatology residency at the Northeast Regional […]
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What Does Basal Cell Carcinoma Look Like?

Basal cell carcinoma is a form of skin cancer that grows on areas of skin that are exposed to a lot of sunlight and UV radiation. If you’ve found a suspicious-looking spot on your skin that you think might be basal cell carcinoma, it’s natural to feel worried and scared. This is why it’s important […]
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The Benefits of Treating Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer with Superficial Radiation Therapy

When patients are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, the first questions they ask are typically along the lines of… What does this mean? How serious is this? Is this life threatening? What is the survival rate? How can this be treated? That last question tends to be […]
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When to Suggest SRT Therapy Over Mohs Surgery

For decades, Mohs surgery has been considered the “gold standard” for the treatment of basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas, even for cases where cosmetically important features of the face like the eyes, nose, lips, ears, and scalp are the area being treated. As the incidence of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma […]
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How to Perform a Skin Cancer Self-Exam

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, adults should thoroughly examine their skin on a monthly basis for signs of skin cancer, as well as visit a dermatologist for an annual professional skin exam. If you’ve never conducted a skin cancer self-exam before, now is the best time to start. Here are some tips to help […]
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Offer Skin Cancer Treatment Without Surgery

Treating Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers When a person discovers they have non-melanoma skin cancer such as basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma, the first question they have is, “How can I treat this?” The current most popular method of treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers is Mohs surgery. It’s praised for its effectiveness in successfully treating […]
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